‘Successful Merger of UniWyo Credit Union Assisted by Jack Henry’

UniWyo Credit Union, based in Wyoming, recently completed a successful merger with Reliant Federal Credit Union, thanks to its strong relationship with Jack Henry™. This collaboration took place in the third quarter of 2023, with the merged credit union operating under UniWyo’s name and boasting assets of over 0 million and 57,000 members, making it the second-largest credit union in the state.

The seamless integration and smooth data conversion process during the merger were made possible by Jack Henry’s core and digital banking platforms, which both credit unions had been using for quite some time. This shared history on Jack Henry’s technology platforms facilitated immediate efficiency gains and other benefits for the newly merged credit union.

UniWyo’s CEO, Dave Krause, praised Jack Henry’s team for their invaluable support during the merger, ensuring a secure data conversion without any disruptions in service delivery. Krause also highlighted how Jack Henry’s open and scalable platform, coupled with ongoing innovation, will enable UniWyo to serve and grow with its membership, positioning the credit union for future expansion opportunities through acquisitions and mergers.

Shanon McLachlan, president of Credit Union Solutions at Jack Henry, emphasized the importance of strong relationships during mergers, which was exemplified in the successful collaboration with UniWyo. McLachlan expressed gratitude for the trust placed in Jack Henry to support the transition and future growth of UniWyo.

Overall, the merger between UniWyo Credit Union and Reliant Federal Credit Union highlights the importance of using advanced technology platforms like Jack Henry to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for members. This strategic partnership sets the stage for continued growth and innovation in the credit union industry.

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