Subscribing to IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Ansible Lightspeed

Last October, we unveiled Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant, a new generative AI service that helps IT teams create, maintain, and deploy Ansible content more efficiently.

Last week, IBM published new subscription options for IBM watsonx Code Assistant, the generative AI large language model behind the Ansible Lightspeed service. These new pricing plans offer Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscribers more flexibility in how they explore and consume Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant.

IBM watsonx Code Assistant subscription plans

To experience Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant, you must: 

  1. Have an active Ansible Automation Platform subscription OR
  2. Sign up for a trial subscription to Ansible Automation Platform.


  1. Sign up for IBM watsonx Code Assistant by choosing from one of their subscription packages.

NOTE: Current IBM watsonx Code Assistant subscribers and Ansible Automation Platform customers should follow these instructions for connecting Ansible Lightspeed to watsonx Code Assistant. 

Refer to this blog for instructions on connecting the Ansible Lightspeed service to watsonx Code Assistant through the Ansible VS Code extension.

Addition of new model customization feature

A long-awaited feature of Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant, model customization is also now available. Model customization allows Ansible Lightspeed users to leverage their existing Ansible content to train the watsonx Code Assistant generative AI model. This feature can help to improve the quality and accuracy of your Ansible content with code recommendations that are more tailored to your organizations’ specific needs and automation patterns. 

More information about model customization plus additional Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant announcements will be available later this month.

End of life for Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant technical preview

Last June, we released Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant as a technical preview to give our community and customers a chance to test drive the initial features of the service. With the new, flexible subscription options from IBM, and the release of model customization and more at the end of this month, we are retiring the technical preview service on February 29, 2024. We encourage all technical preview users to sign up for the commercial service through one of the subscription packages I’ve outlined above.

Haven’t tried Ansible Lightspeed yet?

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