Strategic Leadership in Cybersecurity: Emphasizing Innovation, Resilience, and Trust

**Howard Zach**: Leading Digital Beachhead Inc. to Success in the Cybersecurity Landscape

The world of cybersecurity is intricate and demands a leader with experience and vision. Howard Zach, the President of Digital Beachhead Inc., is such a leader dedicated to excellence in this landscape. With a comprehensive portfolio overseeing operations in the US and Canada, Howard brings expertise cultivated over a remarkable career. His journey includes a pivotal role as the Vice President of Enterprise IT Services at CRGT, managing a M/year business spanning diverse customers across the Federal space in seven countries.

Howard’s journey is marked by proficiency in business development, having served in key positions at CRGT and as Director and VP of Business Development at CiBER Federal, Inc. Before diving into the cybersecurity realm, Howard navigated challenging program management roles with industry giants Boeing, L-3 Communications, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Notably, Howard is not just a corporate leader – he is a seven-year veteran of the US Navy and boasts 15 years of Federal Service. His multifaceted background, coupled with a dedication to distinction, positions Howard as a key player in the dynamic world of cybersecurity at Digital Beachhead.

**Passion, Challenges, and Cybersecurity**

Howard’s journey into cybersecurity began in the Navy, where he cultivated a deep understanding of balancing security and service. As a federal contractor, he spearheaded diverse technical teams, navigating through complex, enterprise-wide challenges, notably focusing on network security. In his words, “I have a passion for technology and new challenges – cybersecurity provides both of these in spades.”

Howard’s dedication extends to collaborating with clients, ethically resolving issues, and navigating the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity. His journey underscores the search for security in the cyber domain. For Howard, the allure lies in the dynamic intersection of technology, challenges, and ethical solutions, making cybersecurity a compelling and ever-evolving pursuit for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

**Legislative Labyrinth**

Navigating the cybersecurity landscape entails confronting dual challenges, as Howard eloquently puts it, “The challenges are two-fold.” The first hurdle involves ensuring service consistency across jurisdictions amid the ever-evolving legislative landscape. In the US, the focus is predominantly at the State level, whereas in Canada, there’s a historical federal inclination that has recently shifted to a provincial emphasis. The necessity for legislators in both countries to safeguard data privacy and business operations lead to a varied panorama of legislation at the State-by-State and Province-by-Province level.

Howard sheds light on the complexity, stating that it becomes a very mixed picture regarding the scope of the legislation measurements and means of measuring cybersecurity solutions as well as results, reporting responsibilities, and penalties assessed for violations and non-compliance. The second challenge magnifies as a persistent struggle – the scarcity of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Howard underscores the dilemma, expressing that the current demand for experts has outstripped the supply. While educational institutions are responding with cybersecurity programs, transitioning eager beginners into proficient cybersecurity teams is a gradual process. Howard’s insights encapsulate the complex combination of legislative intricacies and the pressing need for a skilled cybersecurity workforce, making this a relevant and engaging topic for readers across diverse backgrounds.

**Unraveling the Complexities**

Howard’s journey has endowed him with a profound understanding of the national systems, supply chain vulnerabilities, and data privacy concerns. In his words, “I came to recognize that cybersecurity addresses a critical need faced by individuals, businesses, and the government.” The core issue lies in mitigating dependencies on third-party entities, a potential source of vulnerability. His experiences have emphasized the complexity of securing the entire supply chain, acknowledging the inherent difficulty in exercising control.

“Cybersecurity works to give businesses the ability to gauge and establish the level of risk they are willing to accept,” Howard emphasizes. Amid a myriad of technical solutions, Digital Beachhead stands out by prioritizing customer rapport over a one-size-fits-all approach. As Howard aptly puts it, “We believe the path to cybersecurity begins with a conversation.”

The focus extends beyond mere checkbox solutions, recognizing the imperative to balance security with operational and business outcomes. This approach underscores a commitment to understanding client needs and tailoring solutions accordingly. Howard’s insights focus on the nuanced landscape of cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of dialogue in forging a secure path for individuals, businesses, and government entities alike.

**Market Mastery**

Howard acknowledges that the biggest challenge is always in understanding the market. His approach revolves around a multi-phased strategy grounded in comprehending customer imperatives and organizational goals. With a focus on innovation, threat landscapes, user-centric security, and collaboration, Howard delves into a meticulous process.

To begin, he stresses the importance of understanding the marketplace from the perspective of the potential customer base. This entails a deep dive into products, services, technology, customer bases, and the supporting supply chain. Howard meticulously evaluates these elements to formulate a top-level list of potential markets and customers, considering their potential value to Digital Beachhead. Subsequently, he crafts a nuanced go-to-market strategy.

Howard underscores the iterative nature of this process, stating, “We have to review the results and the analysis consistently.” The key is to