Spotlight on Lee Stretton, Chief Information Officer at Moneva

Lee Stretton, the Chief Information Officer at Monevo, a Fintech company operating in the UK, US, and Australia, is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience in the industry. Monevo serves as a next-generation credit eligibility and distribution platform, processing over 1,000,000 customer applications daily and matching them with suitable products.

One of Lee’s career highlights includes transforming a technology provider to banks into a wealth management platform and successfully exiting the business twice. Additionally, being appointed as the Chief Technology Officer of his first Fintech company back in 2007 remains a significant milestone in his career.

Describing himself as innovative, supportive, and positive, Lee greatly values the networking opportunities and events offered by pro-manchester. He believes that being part of a professional community and participating in insightful events have been instrumental in his career development.

In 2024, Lee’s priorities include focusing on Monevo’s development roadmap amidst the challenging economic climate caused by the cost-of-living crisis. He aims to help lenders navigate this uncertainty with their technology solutions and provide more offers to consumers.

Regarding Manchester’s current landscape, Lee emphasizes the importance of improving the transport system to solidify the city’s position as the UK’s second city. He believes that a world-class transportation system is essential for sustainable growth and accessibility within the region.

When it comes to meeting places in Manchester, Lee recommends Albert Schloss and Dukes 92 as standout choices. As for the types of businesses he would like to connect with, Lee invites interested parties to reach out via email, phone, or LinkedIn for potential collaborations and discussions.