Spacecraft successfully completes fourth flight test, splashing down in the Indian Ocean after reentry

SpaceX’s Starship achieved significant milestones in its development, successfully reentering Earth’s atmosphere and demonstrating a landing burn for the first time before splashing down in the Indian Ocean. The spacecraft took off from the company’s Texas Starbase for its fourth flight test, focusing on showcasing the reusability of both the spacecraft and the Super Heavy booster.

Shortly after launch, the Super Heavy separated from Starship and descended to splash down in the Gulf of Mexico as planned. Starship continued to fly for about an hour, initiating its reentry about 45 minutes into the flight. During the final moments of descent, an onboard camera captured a dramatic scene as one of the ship’s flaps started to burn off at an altitude of approximately 33 miles above Earth. Despite the camera cracking and offering only intermittent views, Starship managed to transmit data until its successful splashdown in the Indian Ocean.

SpaceX confirmed the completion of the test just before 10:00AM ET, marking a significant achievement in the development of Starship as a potential transportation system for future missions to the moon and Mars. The successful test flight paves the way for further advancements in space travel technology.