Sony readies PlayStation Network passkey support for more secure sign-ins

The move away from usernames and passwords continues to gather pace with another company seemingly on the way to allowing people to start using passkeys when securing their PlayStation Network accounts.

The PlayStation Network accounts are currently protected via an email and password system with 2FA support also included to help ensure that people keep their accounts safe and sound. Sony has published a new webpage on its website detailing how passkeys work while there is also an option for activating a passkey for a user’s account as well. However, there have been mixed responses as to whether the feature currently works or not and there has been some suggestion that a bigger PSN security announcement could come soon.

Passkeys are a new way to secure accounts using biometrics rather than passwords that have to be remembered or saved in a password manager. People tend to use the same passwords over and over which is a bad security practice and one that puts accounts at risk. By removing the need to choose a password, passkeys are more secure as a result.

Unlocking an account with a passkey is done so via biometrics like Face ID or Touch ID on iPhones, iPads, and Macs and facial or fingerprint recognition on Android and Windows devices.

Passkeys are steadily being added to more and more services and apps as people start to move away from the traditional usernames and password setup that the internet has been using for decades. Quite when Sony will enable the new passkey support has yet to be confirmed, however.