‘Significant changes made to sightseeing bus company’s fleet for more eco-friendly travel’

Tootbus, a renowned sightseeing bus company in Europe, has entered into a partnership with electric vehicle company VEV to transition its fleet to battery electric vehicles and solar power.

Tootbus, known for its hop-on, hop-off tours in cities like Paris, London, Bath, and Versailles, along with VEV, have outlined a plan to convert 30 Tootbuses to electric vehicles by 2029. Already, three buses have been successfully transformed into EVs.

Gavin Brooking, managing director of Tootbus UK, expressed the benefits of this transition, stating, “We recognized the enormous potential that switching to a complete end-to-end sustainable electric fleet could have in helping us achieve our emissions-reduction goals.”

Since 2021, Tootbus has been operating its sightseeing fleet using hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), which has resulted in a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions. The introduction of EVs to the Tootbus fleet is expected to reduce 15,567 kilograms of pollution per year. Renewable power will be supplied through chargers, roof-mounted solar panels at Tootbus’ depot, and optimized power supply.

According to Mike Nakrani, CEO of VEV, the bus and tourism sectors have a crucial role to play in decarbonizing UK roads. He highlighted that leading players in these sectors are recognizing the competitive advantage of going green and are eager to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost-saving benefits and pollution reduction. In 2023, EV sales in the U.S. rose by 46%, with projections indicating further growth in 2024, where one in nine cars sold is expected to be electric.

While the growth of electric buses is slower, there are significant developments in this sector. The U.S. experienced a 66% growth in electric buses in 2022, with plans in place to increase their presence, such as the introduction of 60 new electric buses in New York City.

Government tax credits, international collaborations, and business innovations like all-electric aircraft are contributing to the rise of electric vehicles, promoting cleaner air and reducing long-term costs. The collaboration between VEV and Tootbus symbolizes a positive step towards achieving these sustainability goals.

“We’re excited to be working with Tootbus to demonstrate the invaluable impact that fleet electrification and smart energy management have in helping cities to reduce carbon emissions,” Nakrani affirmed.

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