Save Up to 45% on Smart TVs from Samsung, Amazon, and Hisense Just in Time for the Big Game

The Swiftie, correction, Super Bowl is happening this Sunday, February 12th, and whether you’re looking forward to cameos from a certain pop star, Usher’s halftime show, or the actual match-up between the Chiefs and 49ers — it’ll all be worth watching on a big screen. If your living room focal point needs an upgrade, take advantage of some of the deals below on some of Amazon’s best-selling brands.

Courtesy of Amazon

45% OFF!

Catch all of the touchdown dances in 4K ultra high definition with the Hisense 75-Inch Smart TV. Along with Sunday’s game, you can stream your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, and more with the built-in Amazon Fire TV functionality. This TV also includes an Alexa remote where you can easily control your television with your voice. And at 45% off, this 75” TV comes in at under $650, a steal for the quality.

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UNDER $300!

It’s 2024 and the average household no longer pays for cable. If you’re more reliant on streaming services and want to be able to watch the Super Bowl, this TV is the perfect solution. Along with access to most subscription-based streaming services, this Fire TV includes free live TV streaming without a cable package. This TV is also compatible with Alexa and responds to voice commands for a certain movie or channel change. Ensure a proper viewing of Sunday’s game by snagging this TV today for less than $300.

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$500 off!

If there’s one thing everyone loves to recap the following day post-Super Bowl (besides the actual game itself), it’s the iconic commercials. Don’t miss out on this year’s best ads (averaging $7 million a pop) by upgrading your TV in time for the big game. This Samsung 50-inch QLED 4K TV is the perfect TV to ensure you don’t miss a single detail. With its LED lighting and anti-glare ultra viewing angle, there’s no such thing as a bad seat.