Roblox just launched a groundbreaking innovation: an AI-powered chat translator, to dissolve these language barriers.

In the always evolving metaverse playground, multiplayer gaming has emerged as a bridge, creating connections and friendships across the globe. Sometimes the joy of these encounters stumbles across the hurdle of language differences.

Roblox is a platform at the forefront of virtual experiences with a huge 70 million daily active users, and it just introduced real-time AI chat translations, supporting an impressive array of up to 16 languages.

This includes widely spoken languages like English, Chinese, and Spanish, alongside others such as Korean. This feature begins a new era of inclusivity and connectivity within its 3D realms.

Think about it—now you can have real-time conversations in these languages, with people you’ve ust met, and talk as if you’re both speaking the same language. This opens a huge new capabilty in-game and metaverse experiences.

Roblox’s AI translation functionality is integrated into any Roblox experience equipped with its in-experience text chat service. It’s user friendly—the chat window autonomously translates incoming messages to the user’s native language, all without the need for manual intervention.

The translation occurs almost instantaneously, boasting a mere 100 milliseconds of latency, thus preserving the natural rhythm and flow of conversation.

For those curious about the original phrasing, Roblox provides an option to view the untranslated text, ensuring users have the best of both worlds. This is also a good test of accuracy for people to gauge how well the AI translator is working.

Roblox is actively seeking to refine the translator’s accuracy, inviting user feedback to further enhance the model. This initiative reflects Roblox’s dedication to community-driven improvement, ensuring that the platform remains at the cutting edge of AI technology.

This is happening because of Roblox’s proprietary large language model (LLM), a unified, transformer-based marvel capable of translating between 16 languages. This single model approach not only streamlines the process but also circumvents the need for a staggering 256 individual models—a testament to Roblox’s commitment to efficiency and scalability.