Revolutionary underwater kite technology poised to revolutionize power generation and redefine renewable energy agenda

A Swedish company has introduced a groundbreaking method to generate clean electricity for a group of islands striving for complete sustainability. Minesto, the pioneering company, has unveiled the Dragon 12, a device resembling an underwater kite. Inspired by the movement of kites in a figure-eight pattern, the Dragon 12 surpasses wind speed and amplifies its turbine output.

The Dragon 12 operates in a figure-eight motion underwater, boosting water flow over its wings and increasing turbine efficiency. Capable of producing 1.2 megawatts, the Dragon 12 is smaller, more affordable, and easier to install compared to traditional offshore wind turbines. Minesto anticipates that the cost of electricity will be significantly lower than that of standard offshore turbines, offering more affordable energy to consumers.

Commissioned to provide energy for the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic, the Dragon 12 is part of the islands’ goal to achieve 100% clean on-shore electricity by 2030. The Faroe Islands already utilize wind, solar, and hydroelectric power, decreasing reliance on polluting energy sources.

If successful, the Dragon 12 could revolutionize the production and cost-effectiveness of clean energy, making it more accessible to consumers. Minesto CEO Dr. Martin Edlund lauded the achievement as groundbreaking and a milestone in renewable energy development globally.

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