‘Resumption of service from US to Cuba by Western Union’

Western Union Resumes Money Transfer Service Between U.S. and Cuba
May 14, 2024
Western Union has announced the resumption of its money transfer service between the United States and Cuba through its processing partner, Orbit S.A. Customers can now easily send money to Cuba from any U.S. retail location, online, or through the mobile app, as stated in a recent press release.

The funds can be sent to bank accounts and debit cards at Banco Popular de Ahorro, Banco Metropolitano S.A., and Banco de Credito y Comercio. This service will provide a crucial connection between individuals living in the U.S. and their families in Cuba, reaffirming Western Union’s commitment to facilitating essential money transfer services for those on the island.

“We understand the significance of our service in bridging the gap between individuals in the U.S. and their loved ones in Cuba,” expressed Rodrigo Garcia Estebarena, President of Western Union North America and Latin America. “We are thrilled to resume service to this important corridor and offer vital money transfer services to the residents of the island.”

This initiative marks a positive step towards strengthening financial connectivity between the two countries, offering a convenient and reliable way for individuals to send money to Cuba.