Recast Software Expands Third-Party Patching Catalog, Now Addressing Over 2,000 Applications

Recast Software, a pioneer in endpoint management and security, announces the launch of its latest software update, version 5.4, now available for download. The new version expands Recast Software’s third-party patching catalog to over 2,000 applications.

With the release of version 5.4, Recast Software continues its commitment to safeguarding IT infrastructure and simplifying the management of endpoints. The new version includes enhancements to Right Click Tools, Application Manager and Recast Management Server, but the highlight is the expanded application catalog, which ensures comprehensive coverage for businesses of all sizes.

The Importance of an Expansive Patching Catalog in Today’s Security Landscape

Unpatched software threatens organizations by serving as a primary attack vector for cyber criminals. As digital vulnerabilities increase, an extensive third-party patching catalog can help a company safeguard its IT infrastructure. Recent data, both internally surveyed and externally supported, suggests more than half of organizations do not proactively patch third-party software, leaving systems exposed to potential breaches. Additionally, those who do actively patch often limit their focus to a select few applications, neglecting the vast landscape of software that can serve as entry points for attackers. This approach leaves gaps in security defenses, making it easier for cybercriminals to exploit outdated systems.  

Empowering Businesses with Comprehensive Coverage

With over 2,000 applications, Recast Software now boasts the largest third-party patching catalog in the market. This vast collection ensures that businesses can access the critical applications they need while maintaining the highest security standards. From small enterprises to large corporations, the expanded catalog provides unmatched application management and vulnerability defense capabilities.

A New Era in Application Management

With the integration of Application Manager into Recast Management Server, Recast Software ushers in a new era of application management. This strategic move not only streamlines the management of third-party applications but also significantly expands the capabilities of IT professionals. Now, users can leverage the largest third-party patching catalog directly within the familiar interface of Recast Management Server, merging efficiency with unparalleled breadth of application support.

“We are thrilled to unveil this milestone in our journey towards empowering IT professionals,” said Will Teevan, CEO of Recast Software. “The expansion of our application catalog and integration of Application Manager into Recast Management Server underscores our dedication to innovation and leadership in the vulnerability defense and endpoint management space.”