‘Raphael Bres rejoins Tradeshift to leverage AI in fintech’

Tradeshift, a leading B2B e-commerce and fintech platform, has revealed the return of Raphael Bres, who is set to bring a wave of innovation to the company’s finance function through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). Bres will be spearheading the development of new AI and automation solutions for Tradeshift’s invoicing and accounts payable offerings, as well as enhancing the company’s position in the B2B marketplaces and embedded finance sphere.

Raphael’s comeback to Tradeshift comes amidst a period of significant organizational changes, including a revamped executive team, Board restructuring, and a substantial million infusion of new investment, alongside strategic partnerships with established institutions such as HSBC. Bres’ reintroduction aligns with this phase of transformation and expansion for Tradeshift.

Having previously served a two-year tenure at Spiff, a sales commission software company acquired by Salesforce in December 2023, Raphael Bres returns to Tradeshift as Chief Product & Technology Officer. In his role, he will drive product innovation and technological advancements across a spectrum of Tradeshift solutions. Bres’ earlier contributions were pivotal in advancing Tradeshift’s mission, making his rejoining a significant milestone for the company.

Expressing his excitement about coming back to Tradeshift, Bres stated, “Tradeshift’s vision has always resonated with me. Rejoining the team feels like a natural progression of the journey we embarked upon together. Our B2B marketplace is transforming procurement, and with the embedded finance standard set by our HSBC partnership, the future looks more promising than ever. I am eager to work with the team to elevate our solutions, making a transformative impact on the way businesses transact globally.”

With a rich professional history spanning 25 years across Enterprise Financial Applications and B2B SaaS Solutions at industry giants like Oracle, Microsoft, Workday, and Certinia, Raphael Bres brings a wealth of experience to his new role. He began his career at Deloitte audit and is now focused on expanding Tradeshift’s reach to cater to a broader spectrum of businesses. With Tradeshift strategically positioned to harness AI advancements, Bres envisions a chance to drive unparalleled efficiency and value for their clientele.

Tradeshift reinforces its executive team with Raphael Bres’ reappointment, complementing the recent appointments of accomplished professionals such as Iain Balchin as Chief Financial Officer, Jim Modak as Chief of Strategy & GTM, and the promotion of Jovita O’Byrne to Chief People Officer. James Stirk, Tradeshift’s CEO, lauded Raphael’s past leadership contributions, highlighting his return as a testament to the company’s growth trajectory and promising future direction.