QuickSwap Launches on Mainnet, Enhancing Polygon CDK DeFi

QuickSwap has officially launched on the X Layer Mainnet, representing a significant advancement for decentralized finance within the Polygon CDK network. This integration introduces a new Citadel to the dragon DEX, enhancing the existing Citadel capabilities across the Polygon CDK family. Users now have the opportunity to easily swap and provide liquidity on X Layer via QuickSwap, offering a top-tier DeFi experience on the network.

X Layer, the pioneering ZK-powered Layer 2 network globally, is a side chain built using the Polygon CDK tech stack. Designed as a bridge between the OKX and Ethereum Foundation user communities, X Layer facilitates seamless transactions across networks and connections with other Layer 2 chains. With zk-SNARK technology, X Layer enables transactions at lower costs and faster speeds, coupled with near-instant finality, robust security measures, and high scalability.

The deployment of QuickSwap on the X Layer Mainnet is a strategic move to drive growth and activity within the X Layer ecosystem. This development not only highlights QuickSwap’s dedication to fostering adoption and collaboration between the Polygon and OKX communities but also contributes to the continued expansion and success of the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. As QuickSwap expands its cross-chain capabilities on X Layer, the path towards a fully functional decentralized finance landscape becomes even more attainable.