Proposal to Integrate sUSDe Ethena Into Aave V3 on Ethereum

Skywards, a key player in the DeFi ecosystem, has proposed integrating a staking version of Ethena’s synthetic dollar, sUSDe, into Aave V3 on Ethereum. This proposal comes on the heels of the consensus reached during the TEMP CHECK phase and indicates potential enhancements to the Aave protocol. sUSDe offers a stable crypto solution with attractive income opportunities, making it an appealing asset for borrowers within the Aave ecosystem.

Chaos Labs will provide risk parameters for the integration, underscoring Aave’s dedication to robust risk management practices. Skywards is championing this proposal by prioritizing community-driven decision-making and transparency in its governance processes. This initiative represents a significant advancement in broadening Aave’s offerings and drawing in a diverse range of users looking for stable and income-generating assets in the DeFi space.

Moving forward, feedback from the community and service providers will be crucial in shaping the final decision on the proposal. If the response remains positive, the proposal will progress to the ARFC snapshot stage, followed by an AIP vote for ultimate confirmation and execution. Should the proposal successfully navigate the Aave V3 governance process on Ethereum, it has the potential to reshape the DeFi landscape.

Image: Crypto Valley Journal