“Promoting Safe, Secure, and Free Access to Cash for All”

As closures of banks and cash machines continue to impact communities nationwide, MP Lilian Greenwood is calling on the Government to prioritize access to cash for all individuals. In a recent statement, Greenwood expressed concerns about the potential removal of an ATM in Lark Hill, a retirement village where many residents rely on the machine for their banking needs.

While the proposals to remove the ATM have been withdrawn, residents now face the possibility of incurring fees for accessing their cash. Greenwood emphasized the importance of ensuring that everyone, especially older and disabled individuals, can safely and securely obtain cash free of charge at locations within their reach. She has called for a debate on issues related to Link and community access to cash to address these concerns.

In the midst of bank closures and limited access to cash machines, Greenwood’s advocacy highlights the need for policies that prioritize financial inclusion and accessibility for all members of society. As discussions on these issues continue, it is imperative that measures are taken to guarantee that individuals can access their cash without facing unnecessary obstacles or fees.