Powering Generative AI Customer Service: How Concentrix + Webhelp and Amazon Connect Can Transform Your CX

If you’re looking to elevate the customer experience (CX) with generative AI, you’re not alone. Generative AI customer service investments have been shown to increase revenue, optimize costs, and accelerate contact center innovation. By automating a wide range of customer interactions with generative AI, you can improve overall CX through personalized interactions, faster and more efficient issue resolution, and multichannel support.

Generative AI customer service technologies are also revolutionizing the way advisors work, empowering them with assistance tools and real-time coaching for greater productivity and efficiency. By streamlining tasks, your advisors can devote more attention to meaningful conversations with customers, enhancing CX—and advisor satisfaction.

Companies can accelerate generative AI implementation by unifying systems and migrating to the cloud. Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center solution that can help break down silos, enabling you to leverage generative AI technology across your business.