Potential Major AI Upgrade for Quest 3

Meta is venturing into a new AI realm, with indications that the upcoming Quest 3 could benefit from this innovative technology. While Meta has not officially confirmed the addition of Meta AI to the Quest 3, data mined by UploadVR suggests that it is a possibility that Meta is exploring. This move puts Meta in competition with Google, which recently teased a potential revival of Google Glass with its Project Astra concept.

The inclusion of Meta AI in the Quest 3 would mark a significant enhancement to the user experience. By leveraging the same multimodal AI featured in the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, the Quest 3 could offer users a more intuitive and interactive interface. This AI technology could utilize the passthrough cameras on the Quest 3 to provide users with valuable assistance based on real-time visual information.

One of the key benefits of incorporating Meta AI into the Quest 3 would be a smoother navigation experience. The current UI of the Quest 3 has been criticized for being cumbersome and challenging to navigate. Meta’s AI assistant could offer a more streamlined approach to accessing features and content on the device, potentially overcoming the existing usability issues.

While Meta is still in the testing phase with its v66 update, which is available to participants in the Quest Public Test Channel, the introduction of Meta AI to the Quest 3 remains uncertain. However, with features like a Downloads folder and customizable virtual keyboard already in the works, it seems likely that Meta is gearing up for a significant upgrade to the Quest 3. Given the recent integration of Meta AI into the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, it’s only a matter of time before this advanced AI technology makes its way to the Quest 3, offering users a more immersive and user-friendly VR experience.