Posiflex Launches Industry’s First Clamshell POS Terminal Haydn ZT Series> Posiflex Launches Industry’s First Clamshell POS Terminal Haydn ZT Series (Photo: Business Wire)

(BUSINESS WIRE)– Posiflex Technology Inc., a global leader in Point of Sale (POS) systems and Online to Offline (O2O) solutions, is excited to announce the availability of the world’s first POS terminal featuring a clamshell design that optimizes maintenance efficiency, conserves space, and enhances operational security. Through its innovative clamshell, screwless, and modular design, the Haydn ZT Series enables effortless lifting of the monitor using a touch button, providing convenient access to internal modular components for easy repairs, replacements, and upgrades. This entire process can be completed in as little as one minute, making it four times more time-efficient than on traditional POS terminals. This feature renders it an ideal choice for deployment in supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and other retail or hospitality venues.

Customer-centric Technology for Enhanced User Experience and Efficiency

For most customer-facing businesses, the Point of Sale (POS) serves as a vital lifeline. Ensuring its smooth and efficient operation is crucial, as any downtime can lead to increased costs and reduced profit margins. The Posiflex ZT series presents an unparalleled range of POS terminals, boasting patented technology and introducing a novel concept highlighted by the industry’s inaugural clamshell opening mechanism. This innovation redefines the conventional mechanical form factor with a more intelligent and customer-centric design.

Super-Rugged, Smooth Operations

Powered by a high-performance Intel® Tiger Lake or Elkhart Lake CPU, the ZT Series employs a die-cast aluminum chassis design to facilitate effective cooling without the need for a fan. The fan-free and screwless design eliminates mechanical weak points and offers robustness and reliability advantages. Rigorous IP44 protection is also integrated to safeguard against dust, dirt, grease, and spills, ensuring seamless operation and extended service life under the demands of daily and continuous use.

Concealed Designs for Data Protection and Clutter Prevention

To further guarantee uninterrupted operation and service, the Posiflex ZT Series incorporates a hidden I/O design that prevents connection to untrusted devices, thereby averting potential data corruption. The USB ports are secured with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized data transfer and virus infection.

Moreover, the power supply is concealed in the base, and a 3-way cable management system maintains tidiness on the desk, enhancing the store environment and user experience.

Flexible Installations and Viewing Angle

To accommodate diverse environments, the ZT Series offers a choice of 15″ or 15.6″ true-flat PCAP touchscreen monitors, along with various desktop and wall mounting options tailored to specific workstation requirements. Additionally, the ZT Series supports a unique 0-90° swivel hinge design that provides users with a more comfortable viewing angle and adaptable deployment scenarios.

Enhanced Connectivity and Functionality

The Posiflex ZT POS terminals further enhance the functionality through diverse and flexible I/O deployment. Select models are equipped with the convenience of 24V PoweredUSB, broadening connectivity options. The terminals can be supplemented with dedicated side attachments to provide versatile features that cater to different needs. This includes retained ports for seamless integration with fingerprint sensors/i-Button, MSR, and RFID devices and a second monitor featuring an internal scanner.

About POSIFLEX Group

Posiflex Group is a leading global Commercial Internet of Things (CIoT) platform powered by smart Online-to-Offline (O2O) and Software-agnostic Embedded Appliance Solutions. Pillared by three brands, Posiflex Group consists of Posiflex as global top 5 brand in POS & Kiosk, Portwell as Embedded Foundry for AIoT Edge Compute, and KIOSK Information Systems (KIS) for managed self-service automation – together with a common mission to enable optimized productivity and superior customer journey across the connected world.

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