‘Popular Crypto Protocols with Low Fees: Fantasy and Pump in Top 10’

Fantasy.top and Pump.fun have quickly risen as prominent cryptocurrency protocols, making their mark in the top ten rankings for fees and revenue generated within the industry. Despite their relatively recent entry, both platforms have garnered a substantial user base and impressive trading volumes, as reported by DefiLlama data.

Fantasy.top, a decentralized exchange specializing in trading cards of notable crypto personalities, currently holds the seventh position among cryptocurrency protocols. Surpassing BNB Smart Chain’s PancakeSwap, Fantasy.top falls behind Tron but still manages to generate significant revenue. According to DefiLlama data, Fantasy.top has accumulated over 4,000 in fees within the past 24 hours and a staggering million in the last month.

Launched on May 1 by the pseudonymous creator Travis Bickle, Fantasy.top saw a surge in popularity after receiving endorsements from influential figures in the crypto space, such as crypto trader Ansem. Travis Bickle expressed his excitement about the platform’s exponential growth following the endorsement on social media platform X.

On the other hand, Pump.fun, a platform dedicated to launching and trading meme coins, ranks eighth in terms of fees generated within the cryptocurrency realm. Achieving a daily revenue record of over 2,000, Pump.fun allows users to create meme coins with a unique name, ticker, and JPG image for a minimal cost, without the need for seed liquidity. The platform also emphasizes preventing rug pulls by ensuring that tokens launched on the platform have no pre-sales or team member allocations.

The emergence and success of both Fantasy.top and Pump.fun underscore the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the cryptocurrency landscape. These platforms highlight the growing interest and financial activity in decentralized and innovative trading platforms within the industry.