‘Payment by employee iPhone expanded to Canada by beauty retailer’

Sephora Introduces Contactless Mobile Payment Option in Canadian Stores

Sephora, the well-known beauty giant and a subsidiary of the global retail conglomerate LVMH, is making waves in Canada by rolling out a mobile contactless payment option in its stores. This initiative comes on the heels of the successful deployment of the J.P. Morgan Tap to Pay on iPhone solution in all freestanding U.S. locations back in August 2023.

In collaboration with Chase Payment Solutions, a part of J.P. Morgan Payments, Sephora is set to introduce this innovative payment solution to over 130 freestanding locations across Canada. This initiative aims to enhance the customer shopping experience by allowing them to conveniently make payments using contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets available on smartphones and smartwatches.

Customers at participating Sephora stores can engage with an employee anywhere in the store and complete their payment via the employee’s device. Sephora associates can accept payments seamlessly by utilizing their iPhones and the proprietary mobile Sephora POS app. To facilitate the transaction, the associate simply selects Tap to Pay on iPhone in the mobile POS app, allowing customers to tap their contactless card or digital wallet to the employee’s iPhone for a quick and hassle-free payment process.

This new payment method complements the existing payment terminals in the U.S., ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience for Sephora customers. With this technological advancement, Sephora continues to innovate and provide customers with secure and efficient payment options.