Partnership Enables Real-Time Payments for Credit Unions Across the Country

A secure real-time payments platform called Pidgin has announced a partnership with Corelation Inc., a fintech company offering next-generation core processing solutions. This collaboration will make Pidgin a preferred partner with Corelation, allowing more credit unions to provide real-time payments to their members through Pidgin’s payments ecosystem.

Pidgin is specifically designed to streamline and enhance the payment process for credit unions. The platform acts as a central hub connecting to the FedNow Service and other faster payment networks, making it simple for credit unions to offer instant payment options to their members for various transactions. By integrating with a credit union’s core processing system, like Corelation KeyStone, along with third-party apps and multiple payment networks, Pidgin ensures efficient and secure exchanges of data.

With Corelation and Pidgin working together, credit unions can easily adopt preferred faster payment channels and implement real-time payments tailored to their operational preferences and member needs. As the demand for real-time payments grows, it is essential for credit unions to have the proper infrastructure in place to support continual transaction processing, even outside of regular business hours. Corelation’s commitment to innovation in the credit union industry, combined with Pidgin’s expertise in real-time payments, offers a seamless solution for credit unions of all sizes to incorporate and expand their real-time payment capabilities.

Tim Maron, Chief Revenue Officer of Corelation, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the importance of providing faster payment options as a competitive advantage for financial institutions. Pidgin’s CEO, Abhishek Veeraghanta, highlighted the increasing interest from credit unions in implementing real-time payments and the role that Corelation’s partnership will play in helping credit unions achieve their goals.

This collaboration between Pidgin and Corelation signifies a significant step forward for credit unions looking to enhance their payment operations and meet the evolving needs of their members in an increasingly fast-paced digital world.