Paris transit passes can now be stored in iPhone’s Wallet app

Paris Transport Authority Introduces Apple Wallet Support for Navigo Passes

After facing delays, Apple has finally launched support for Paris transit passes in the Apple Wallet app in collaboration with the Paris area transportation authority. This update allows iPhone and Apple Watch users to utilize their devices as Navigo passes to ride the metro, train, tram, or bus.

This development is significant for Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), the transportation authority, especially with the upcoming influx of visitors expected for the Olympic Games in Paris this summer. Android users have had the option to use their smartphones as Navigo passes for some time now.

The integration of Apple technology is the outcome of extensive negotiations between IDFM and Apple. Instead of relying on Apple Pay, Visa, or Mastercard, IDFM has opted for the iPhone to replicate a Navigo card using its built-in NFC chip.

Creating a virtual Navigo pass can be done through the official transportation authority app or directly within the Apple Wallet. For travelers who prefer not to download additional apps, adding a transit pass is straightforward through the Wallet app, where they can purchase tickets using Apple Pay.

Utilizing an iPhone as a transit pass involves “tapping to ride” upon entering the metro. Users can either manually select the Navigo pass by double-clicking on the iPhone side button or enable Express Mode for automatic selection without unlocking the device.

Notifications alert users about the remaining tickets each time they use their iPhone as a transit pass. Express Mode is also compatible with a power reserve feature to enable usage even with low battery levels. In case of device loss, users can remotely lock the device using the Find My app to deactivate Express Mode.

Tourists visiting Paris no longer need to rely on ticket vending machines, while local residents with annual or Liberté+ subscriptions will have to wait until 2025 to add their transit passes to Apple Wallet.

Aside from this update, Apple has included real-time transit information in Paris. Users can now view train or bus departures by tapping on station or stop details, with plans to introduce 3D renderings of Parisian locations for the upcoming summer games.

With these advancements, navigating the city of Paris is becoming more seamless for both locals and tourists, offering convenient and efficient transit options with the use of technology.