ORA Technologies to Showcase at GITEX Africa 2024

GITEX AFRICA 2024 kicked off in Marrakech, bringing together a diverse range of companies with unique missions and objectives. The event, which drew visitors from various countries and cultures, served as a hub for innovation and collaboration. For ORA Technologies, this marked the second year of participation, with a more impactful presence than before.

Located in the startup hall, ORA Technologies had a clear goal: to raise brand awareness, connect with a variety of individuals, and introduce upcoming applications to the audience. The interactive and engaging stand featured a photobooth, a foosball table, and a wall posing the question, “We dream of an E-Morocco for everyone, what’s your dream?” Visitors were encouraged to share their dreams on post-its, creating a vibrant visual display.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the stand attracting a diverse group of visitors across different demographics. The photobooth captured over 500 photos, more than 250 dreams and aspirations were collected on post-its, and numerous foosball games were enjoyed. This setup not only entertained visitors but also left a lasting impression, setting ORA Technologies apart from other exhibitors.

Upcoming applications like Kooul, an innovative food delivery app, and ORA CASH, a new E-wallet app, garnered significant interest and enthusiasm. Attendees expressed excitement for these applications, recognizing their potential to revolutionize daily life in Morocco. The support from local attendees highlighted the importance of local innovation and community backing.

In addition to immediate engagement, GITEX AFRICA 2024 provided a valuable platform for networking and learning. ORA Technologies connected with potential partners and explored collaborations that could drive future growth. The event’s diversity in terms of cultures, expertise, and fields was impressive.

The event not only met but exceeded ORA Technologies’ goals by enhancing brand recognition and building trust with the audience. The exposure received will resonate long after the event, creating memorable experiences for all involved.

GITEX AFRICA 2024 was a success for ORA Technologies, thanks to the exceptional organization and scale of the event. The structured environment provided a great platform for showcasing innovations from different countries. The team is grateful for the opportunity and eagerly anticipates GITEX AFRICA 2025.

For further information, contact Lou, Marketing Manager at ORA Technologies in Casablanca, Morocco via email at Lou@ora.ma.

ORA Technologies is a 100% Moroccan startup dedicated to creating impactful digital and financial inclusion. Their upcoming applications, Kooul and ORA CASH, aim to revolutionize food delivery and digital payments in Morocco, contributing to the development of an E-Morocco for all users.