‘Olivia Munn Discusses John Mulaney’s Supportive Role as a Father During Her Cancer Treatment’

Olivia Munn’s battle with breast cancer in April 2023 came as a shock to her and her partner, John Mulaney, especially since no cancer was detected just three months prior during a routine mammogram. The diagnosis led to a double mastectomy and four surgeries in a year for the “Office Party” star, who recently reflected on her experience with People magazine.

Munn emphasized the unexpected and challenging nature of facing cancer, regardless of personal circumstances. She praised Mulaney for his unwavering support throughout the ordeal, describing him as a hands-on father who was present every step of the way, juggling childcare responsibilities with hospital visits and emotional support.

Munn publicly thanked Mulaney for his dedication, especially his efforts to research treatment options and be by her side before and after surgeries. Mulaney, in turn, expressed his admiration and gratitude for Munn’s strength and resilience, acknowledging the sacrifices she made to fight for her health and be present for their son, Malcolm.

The couple’s journey, which includes welcoming a child and navigating a cancer diagnosis, has showcased their mutual support and commitment to each other. Despite the challenges they have faced, Munn and Mulaney have demonstrated their ability to show up for one another in times of need.