‘OData Analytics APIs Customized for SAP Cloud ALM’

SAP Cloud ALM provides a generic OData interface for accessing analytics across various use cases such as Projects Management, Tasks Management, and Health Monitoring. However, certain use cases like “Requirements” offer a more specific OData interface that returns datasets with real dimensions and measures names instead of generic ones like d1k, d1v.

In SAP Analytics Cloud, users can easily consume the specific OData interface by selecting the dedicated entity “Requirements” within the same connection used to access the generic entity DataSet. This allows users to access analytics specifically for the Requirements scenario within SAP Cloud ALM.

When working with the Requirements scenario, users may need to filter certain dimensions. The good news is that all filters are optional, allowing users to select all necessary dimensions and measures and simply press “Next” to load all requirement analytics data into their model.

It is important to note that the frame time dimensions “period” and “resolution” still play a significant role with the specific interface and can impact the number of records returned.

Once the data is imported into the SAP Analytics Cloud model, users can easily manipulate dimensions and measures using their real names, providing a more user-friendly experience compared to the generic DataSet interface which uses generic dimension and measure names (dxk, dxv, mxk, mxv).

Despite the differences in format between the generic and specific OData interfaces, both return the same content.