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Apple’s latest announcement at WWDC 2024 has brought exciting updates for AirPods Pro users. With the upcoming release of iOS 18 this fall, these beloved earbuds are about to become even more essential.

One of the standout features is Siri Interactions, which allows users to interact with phone calls, messages, notifications, and more simply by nodding or shaking their head. This feature, enabled by machine learning on the H2 chip, enhances the personal and private interaction with Siri, making it convenient for users to respond without speaking out loud, especially in crowded or quiet environments.

Voice Isolation is another game-changing feature making its way from the iPhone, iPad, and Mac directly to AirPods Pro. This feature enhances call quality by isolating and enhancing voice quality while reducing background noise like wind, providing a clearer communication experience for users and their callers.

Additionally, AirPods Pro will introduce Personalized Spatial Audio for games, elevating the audio experience with improved latency and voice quality at 16-bit, 48kHz audio. This enhancement will make gaming even more immersive for AirPods Pro users.

Overall, the new features coming to AirPods Pro with iOS 18 are set to make these headphones even more exceptional and indispensable for users. Whether it’s seamless interactions with Siri, enhanced call quality, or immersive gaming experiences, these updates are sure to delight AirPods Pro enthusiasts.