No Man’s Sky’s latest update allows anyone to try it out for free, but not for long

Another day, another No man’s sky Update, with this special one, Omega that allows everyone to try it completely free.

Every time I see that No Man’s Sky has a new update, I look at the date and think “Wow, after X many years it’s still going, huh” (at the moment it’s been almost eight years). Another one is out today, Omega (or No Man’s Sky update 4.5), and those of you who have been thinking about trying it out for a while can expect good news: starting today, February 15th, 6:00 p.m GMT/1:00 PM EST Until Monday, February 19th, you can try out the entire Omega Expedition completely free, even if you don’t own the game. On the update’s official page you will find all the relevant links you may need to download the free trial. However, also note that the game is currently half price on Steam.

Cover photo for YouTube videoNo Man’s Sky: Omega Update Trailer

Of course, the question also arises as to what’s new in the update. As previously mentioned, there is the new Omega Expedition, where Hello Games explains that “all participating travelers begin a journey together on the beautiful planet Nafut Gamma and chart a course through the galaxy. Explore, build, fight and more through a diverse series of milestones and unravel the threads of a mystery surrounding the past, the present and what could be…”

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There’s also a new way to start Expeditions, as you can now access them “directly from existing save games,” where you can “bring your favorite spaceship and your favorite multi-tool to complete the Expedition’s challenges in the style you’re used to.” There are also several new loot items up for grabs, like a slick-looking multi-tool called the Atlas Scepter, an Atlas Flight Backpack that you can fly around with, and an Atlas Headguard, which is, uh, just a slick-looking helmet!

Additionally, you get a new spaceship called the Starborn Runner, an “unusual ship” that “features a localized vector field that allows it to hover over solid planes.” In addition to the full patch notes, there are many other tweaks and additions that you can read about on the game’s website.