New Yield Opportunities Revealed by Web3 Wallet

Binance Web3 Wallet has introduced new features called “Yield Plus” and “Simple Yield,” allowing users to explore DeFi opportunities directly within the wallet.

The Yield Plus Zone is a curated feature showcasing projects with potential airdrops or extra yield prospects. Initial projects featured include Eigenpie, Kamino Finance, Lista Dao, Marinade, Ondo Finance, Renzo, StakeStone, and SolBlaze. Exclusive campaigns will be announced via the Binance Web3 X account.

On the other hand, the Simple Yield Zone allows users to earn an APR with stablecoins and other tokens by providing liquidity to lending protocols. Users will receive both Supply APR and Distribution APR based on the selected protocol.

These new features aim to provide easily accessible yield opportunities to wallet users. The initial projects featured cover a wide range of opportunities from Eigenpie to SolBlaze. The “Simple Yield Zone” simplifies earning opportunities by allowing users to earn APR with stablecoins and other tokens through lending protocols.

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