New water-based batteries exceed energy storage of lithium-ion

Chinese researchers have developed a new type of water-based battery that boasts higher energy storage efficiency than traditional lithium-ion batteries. This breakthrough was recently published in Nature Energy, where the team shared their findings on the innovative battery technology.

The key highlight of these new water-based batteries is their superior energy density, which directly impacts how much energy they can store relative to their size and weight. While lithium-ion batteries are known for their high energy density, the new water-based batteries exceed their energy-holding capabilities.

By incorporating bromide into the electrolyte solution of the water battery, the researchers have significantly enhanced its energy capacity without compromising safety. Typically, water batteries are considered safer due to their lower energy density and narrower voltage window. However, the addition of bromide has enabled these batteries to store double the energy they typically could.

The potential of water-based batteries to rival lithium-ion batteries in efficiency has garnered optimism among the research team. The enhanced safety and energy storage capabilities of these batteries may pave the way for increased adoption of this technology. Moreover, initiatives like California’s plans to utilize water batteries in 2022 further underscore the promising advancements in battery technology.

In essence, the development of these water-based batteries marks a significant leap forward in energy storage solutions, offering a safer and more efficient alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries.