New Title: “Upcoming Announcement of Open Ai’s Potential Search Competitor”

OpenAI is rumored to be preparing to announce a new search product based on AI just before its annual I/O conference. Various reports from Bloomberg, The Information, Reuters, and The Verge suggest that this new product will be integrated into OpenAI’s ChatGPT, allowing users to search the Internet directly.

There are questions about whether this new capability will be part of the current ChatGPT or if it will be introduced as an upgrade like ChatGPT 4.5 or 5. While plugins have allowed users to search the web with ChatGPT before, this new feature would be built directly into the generative search product.

In contrast, Google has its own suite of AI models, including Gemini for chatbots and Gamma for creating presentations and documents using AI. If OpenAI does announce this new search product, it could potentially challenge Google’s AI offerings like Gemini and Gemma.

OpenAI’s new search product is expected to allow users to ask ChatGPT questions and receive answers with citations from various online sources such as news articles, blog posts, and Wikipedia.

Keep an eye out over the weekend and on Monday to see if the rumors about OpenAI’s new search product come to fruition.