‘New Sustainable Packaging Options Available from Virospack and Rezemo’

Virospack Collaborates with Rezemo on Sustainable Dropper Cap Innovation

Virospack has joined forces with Rezemo to develop a pioneering plant-based dropper cap innovation. This innovative dropper cap utilizes a new material called ‘Forewood,’ which serves as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic, being free of fossil substances while maintaining the same level of functionality and performance.

The ‘Forewood’ material is a unique combination of wood fibers and biopolymers, making it 100% bio-based and devoid of fossil-origin substances. By replacing fossil resources with renewable raw materials, ‘Forewood’ embodies the concept of 100% bio-based polymers.

The versatility of the ‘Forewood’ material allows for customization to meet various cosmetic packaging needs. Its renewable nature, infinite availability, and eco-friendly properties make it a sustainable choice. This innovative material is shaped by forming a malleable matrix around the wood fibers, offering a range of possibilities for cosmetic packaging.

Certified by sustainable forestry (PEFC), ‘Forewood’ is composed of a biodegradable biopolymer that is 100% compostable and plant-based with 0% fossil resources, thereby reducing the CO2 footprint.

In addition, Virospack has also partnered with BrightSideUp for Upcycled Lighting Design. The collaboration between Virospack and BrightSideUp was showcased at Milan Design Week 2024, where they presented lighting fixtures made from glass residue sourced from Virospack. This partnership demonstrates the versatility and quality of Virospack’s glass products, showcasing their potential beyond traditional packaging applications.

Virospack believes in collaborating with like-minded companies on innovative projects that promote sustainability and a more environmentally friendly future. By engaging in partnerships that prioritize sustainable solutions, Virospack aims to redefine the role of packaging providers in the consumer goods industry.

For more information on Virospack’s commitment to sustainability, read about their recent acquisition of ISCC PLUS Certification.