New Relic Launches Live Archives: Historical Logs with Instant Access

New Relic launched the general availability of
New Relic live archives. By storing historical logs alongside other
logs and telemetry data within the New Relic Data Platform, live archives
allows instant access to historical logs and eliminates the need to rehydrate,
reload, re-index, or move data to multiple locations. It maintains historical
logs in an active and enhanced state, which allows engineering teams to
instantaneously address regulatory requests, thereby minimizing compliance
risks. At one-fourth the cost of other long-term log storage solutions, live
archives allows engineers to store historical logs for up to seven years,
making it one of the most affordable compliance solutions on the market. 

Organizations need to retain their logs for multiple years to
comply with regulations like HIPAA, U.S. Executive Order 14028, Basel II
Accord, CIS, PCI DSS, SOX, and SOC 2. However, IT and engineering teams have
historically been faced with limited options for long-term log storage. As a
result, teams are left to decide between hot storage solutions that are easy to
use but prohibitively expensive or cold storage solutions that are excessively
toilsome and often lead to hidden costs and surprise bills when historical logs
need to be moved into an active state.

“Most log data is unused until it’s needed and some data is only
needed for compliance purposes or pulled for postmortem analysis,” said IDC Group
Vice President for Operations
Stephen Elliot. “Keeping data in stagnant archives is
not practical or worth the cost, as the expense often exceeds the value.
However, the
need to access data quickly when it is required and in a cost-effective way is
in demand, and any solution that offers both is a win for users.” 

With an industry-wide need for a better way
to retain logs to meet regulatory requirements, live archives provides a fast,
easily accessible, long-term log storage solution that helps organizations be
better prepared to manage their compliance risks. Key capabilities and benefits

  • Access instantly: Query and analyze historical logs instantly –
    all stored within the New Relic Data Platform – with the same familiar log
    management experience as operational logs.
  • 1/4th lower costs: Avoid paying for ingress and egress (i.e., moving historical log data in and out of the cloud to analyze), indexing, reformatting, or the need to operate additional logs tools.
  • Eliminate toil: Retain historical logs for up to seven years in an active and enriched state and streamline the process to store and access historical logs, removing the need to rehydrate, reload, re-index, manually intervene, or move data to multiple locations or tiers to analyze.
  • Setup in 30 seconds: Easily define which logs to store via a simple New Relic Query Language (NRQL) rule, using your current logs to decide what to route to live archives, without needing a new log collector. 
  • Minimize compliance response time: Quickly meet regulatory requirements with log queries that are readily available for critical legal discovery and compliance audit requests. 

“As Bed Bath & Beyond moves forward as a company, we’ve also
taken the opportunity to consolidate our observability tooling. We’re excited
to leverage New Relic live archives, allowing our engineers to tap into
insights and learn from our historical logs data while also meeting compliance
requirements for retaining data. All of which allows us to deliver the superior
digital experience our customers expect at every touchpoint,” said Bed Bath &
Beyond, formerly Overstock, VP of Software Engineering, Eddie Hughes.

getting increasingly difficult for organizations to adhere to technical
regulatory compliance requirements, especially with generative AI being
integrated into their already complex tech stacks. When critical legal
discovery and compliance audit requests arise, IT and engineering teams need
quick and easy access to the crucial compliance data in their historical logs,”
said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “Live archives is an
extension of New Relic’s log management capabilities and empowers teams to keep
their log data in one place while providing instant access, deeper visibility,
and greater context, which helps simplify historical log analysis and
streamline regulatory compliance.”