New Release Window Announced for Hyper Light Breaker

Heart Machine’s highly anticipated sequel, Hyper Light Breaker, has finally received a launch window after much anticipation. Originally announced nearly two years ago, the game was set to release in early access in early 2023. However, various delays pushed the launch out of 2023 entirely. Now, Heart Machine has announced that Hyper Light Breaker will be released in early access on PC in summer 2024.

While an exact date within the summer window has not been provided, the early access period is expected to last approximately one year. During this time, the developers plan to gather player feedback and make necessary adjustments to improve the game. Once the early access phase concludes, the game will reach version 1.0 with additional content added.

Heart Machine emphasizes the importance of community involvement in shaping the game’s development, stating that player feedback will be crucial in creating a better and more complete gaming experience. By entering early access, the studio hopes to engage with players openly and transparently to enhance the overall quality of the game.

At this time, there are no plans announced for Hyper Light Breaker to be released on consoles. It is likely that the focus is on the PC platform during the early access phase. Heart Machine has a track record of releasing games on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, so console releases may be considered in the future.

Overall, fans can look forward to diving into the world of Hyper Light Breaker in summer 2024 and contributing to the game’s development through early access participation.