New National Stock Exchange Formed Through Collaboration of Major Financial Institutions in Dallas

Texas is on the brink of establishing its first national stock exchange, thanks to the efforts of entrepreneur James Lee. This ambitious venture has gained support from investors and firms like BlackRock and Citadel Securities, enabling the Texas Stock Exchange to raise 0 million successfully. The exchange is set to launch its first trade in late 2025 and list its initial securities in early 2026.

The Texas Stock Exchange will provide a new platform for public companies, exchange-traded products, and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), focusing on the Southeast region. Headquartered in Dallas, the exchange will leverage the city’s strong economy and technological infrastructure to compete with established financial centers in the country.

Governor Greg Abbott’s endorsement of the project highlights Texas’s commitment to innovation and economic growth. By supporting initiatives like the Texas Stock Exchange and addressing issues such as financial transaction taxes, Abbott is reinforcing the state’s reputation as a favorable environment for businesses.

Unlike the New York Stock Exchange, which considered moving to Texas in 2020, the Texas Stock Exchange is a locally-driven initiative tailored to meet the region’s specific needs. Although it will not have a physical trading floor, the exchange’s executive offices in Dallas will utilize advanced technology to provide a top-notch trading platform for investors and traders.

As the Texas Stock Exchange navigates regulatory hurdles for SEC approval, James Lee’s strategic planning and execution are paving the way for economic prosperity in Texas. The exchange aims to attract capital, drive investment, and establish the state as a hub for financial innovation and growth.