‘New initiative for start-ups set to be launched by Forbes as Government focuses on key areas’

Deputy First Minister Kate Forbes is set to launch new support for start-up firms on Monday in an effort to showcase Scotland as “open for business” under the new administration.
In the second week of John Swinney’s leadership at Bute House, the First Minister emphasized that his government will prioritize people’s needs. Kate Forbes, who also serves as the Economy Secretary, will be visiting the National Robotarium in Edinburgh to announce the support for start-ups.
Forbes has been at the forefront of efforts by the Scottish Government to boost economic growth. She expressed her belief in the importance of supporting business founders for a vibrant and growing economy, stating that empowering start-ups will lead to innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable growth.
The aim is to nurture a new generation of Scottish firms that can expand and export their products globally, attracting international capital while relying on Scottish ingenuity. Forbes assured investors that Scotland is ready for business and that the government will continue to support and champion start-ups.
During her tenure as Finance and Economy Secretary under Nicola Sturgeon, Forbes played a key role in establishing the Techscaler scheme, which helps tech firms secure investments. Swinney’s government is prioritizing a reset with the business community to improve Scotland’s economy and generate revenue to bolster public services.