New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Introduced in Major US Cities

Urban dwellers in cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit now have a new and innovative way to charge their electric vehicles – right next to a lamppost. A groundbreaking EV charging solution has been introduced by Voltpost, a forward-thinking EV charging company, that retrofits modular chargers onto existing lampposts. This technology has been dubbed “first-of-a-kind” by Electrek, marking a significant innovation in the EV charging space.

By leveraging the existing infrastructure of lampposts in cities, Voltpost can install these chargers quickly and affordably, without the need for extensive construction or complex permitting processes. In under two hours, any lamppost can be transformed into a convenient and cost-effective charging station, expanding access to EV charging in urban areas, including underserved communities.

When it comes to concerns about public charging stations, Voltpost’s solution addresses common issues such as non-working chargers, availability, cost, and charging duration. With a retractable cable that routes at a 90-degree angle, users can easily plug in their EV safely and efficiently. The accompanying Voltpost app allows for easy management of charging sessions, reservations, energy tracking, and even monitoring of cost savings and environmental impact of driving electric.

Laura Fox, former general manager of Citi Bike and a Voltpost advisor, praised the company’s approach to urban curbside charging, emphasizing the cost-effective use of existing infrastructure and the potential for future urban applications. With two to four charging ports per post, there is ample room for multiple drivers to power up simultaneously, making EV charging a seamless experience for urban residents.

Voltpost’s innovative solution is simplifying the transition to electric vehicles, offering a convenient and sustainable alternative for urban drivers. By rethinking urban charging infrastructure, Voltpost is paving the way for a greener future while making EV adoption more accessible to all. Stay updated on the latest innovations shaping our world and protecting the planet by subscribing to our free newsletter.