New Collaboration for Innovative AI-Powered Marketing Solutions

Bulova has joined forces with MNTN Matched, an innovative AI-driven platform that is changing the way brands engage with consumers. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, MNTN Matched employs sophisticated targeting algorithms to connect individual consumers with brands and products they are most likely to be interested in and purchase. This partnership represents a significant milestone in modern advertising, reminiscent of Bulova’s groundbreaking launch of America’s first TV commercial in 1941, setting a new standard for advertising at the time.

The partnership announcement was made by MNTN’s Chief Creative Officer, actor, and producer Ryan Reynolds, in an engaging video featuring Bulova. In the video, Reynolds presents the new Bulova Super Seville watch in green, a timepiece that flawlessly blends vintage design with modern technology. The Super Seville, inspired by the 1970s original models, embodies Bulova’s dedication to innovation and precision.

The Bulova Super Seville pays homage to the brand’s rich history and pioneering spirit. The original 1970s models were renowned for their unique design features, such as distinct case shapes, intricate dial details, and the inclusion of day and date windows. Not only did these watches capture the style preferences of the era, but they also showcased significant technological advancements.

During the 1970s, the watch industry experienced a major shift towards quartz technology, setting new precision benchmarks. Bulova led this revolution, with the Super Seville being a prime example of their innovative approach. Today, the reintroduced Super Seville continues this legacy, featuring the proprietary Bulova Precisionist Movement, operating at a frequency of 262 kHz, eight times higher than standard quartz movements, and renowned for its smooth sweeping second hand.

The latest Super Seville models retain the bold and adventurous spirit of their predecessors while integrating modern watchmaking advancements. Featuring a sleek 38mm rounded square case with an elegant fluted bezel and a tapered integrated bracelet, these timepieces exude sophistication, making them suitable for any occasion.

Available in silver-tone stainless steel with signature Seville blue or green dials, as well as gold-tone stainless steel with a white dial, the Super Seville caters to various style preferences. Each model is equipped with the Precisionist (HPQ) 3H date movement, ensuring accuracy to within seconds per year. Priced between 5 and 5, the collection offers exceptional value for a watch that combines heritage and innovation.

Bulova’s collaboration with MNTN Matched underscores the brand’s forward-thinking marketing approach and commitment to precision and innovation in timekeeping. By combining AI-powered targeting with their storied legacy, Bulova aims to engage a new generation of consumers who value tradition as well as technological advancement.