New Capital Program Introduced for Small to Mid-Tier Finance Companies

Arlington, Texas – June 11, 2024 – Agora Data, Inc., a leading fintech company specializing in technology, capital, and guidance to enhance loan performance and analytics, has introduced a new program tailored for small to mid-sized finance companies. This innovative program merges traditional bulk transactions with ongoing flow arrangements. To mark the launch of the program, Agora has successfully completed the inaugural funding of a million transaction with additional follow-on capacity of 0 million for Freeway Funding, Inc. This strategic financing capability offers consumer finance companies like Freeway Funding seamless liquidity, empowering them to accelerate their growth strategies.

Freeway Funding’s CEO and President, David Rabin, expressed his gratitude for Agora’s support, stating, “Agora has provided us with a competitive advantage through advanced technology and robust capital resources. Their assistance has significantly boosted our credit capacity, allowing us to meet our expanding capital needs both now and in the future.”

Sharon Mancero, Managing Director of Agora Data, also shared her enthusiasm for working with innovative finance companies like Freeway Funding. She emphasized Agora’s commitment to fostering growth for small to mid-tier auto finance companies by providing them with substantial capital and advanced financial solutions to serve independent and franchise dealers effectively.

Agora Data offers access to capital markets without requiring ownership relinquishment. Through off-balance sheet non-recourse credit facilities, finance companies can obtain up to 0 million in new capital without personal guarantees, enabling them to expand their businesses and achieve financial stability.

About Freeway Funding, Inc.
Freeway Funding is a privately held consumer finance company that specializes in acquiring and servicing non-prime retail installment contracts from a network of franchise and independent automobile dealers. Since its establishment in 2013, Freeway Funding has been dedicated to providing flexible, dealer-centric consumer automobile loans to drive mutual growth and success for its partners and clients.

About Agora Data, Inc.
Agora Data, Inc. is a fintech company revolutionizing financing for car dealers and finance companies in the automotive industry. Dealerships can secure affordable capital, access actionable loan performance data, and leverage a range of solutions to grow their businesses safely. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Agora Data enables car dealers to optimize portfolio performance through real-time data analytics and planning resources. The company continues to introduce groundbreaking financing solutions to an underserved market, building on its past success in non-prime auto securitization.

For more information about Agora Capital for finance companies, visit or contact Agora Data at 1-877-592-4672.

Press Contact:
Shelly Vandeven