New Banking Hub Coming to Whitehill and Bordon

Link, the UK’s cash access and ATM network, has revealed that Whitehill and Bordon in East Hampshire has been recommended for a shared banking hub. This decision comes after efforts by Damian and the East Hampshire District Council to address the lack of banking services in the town.

Damian expressed his excitement about the news, highlighting the importance of better banking provisions in Whitehill and Bordon, especially for residents and small businesses that heavily rely on cash transactions. The closure of the last physical bank branch in the town underscored the need for a banking hub, which will not only benefit the community but also complement the ongoing redevelopment projects in the area.

Following Damian’s proactive approach in reaching out to Link for a cash access review of the town, the assessment criteria focused on various factors such as the town’s size, number of cash-dependent retailers, proximity to the nearest high street bank, the demographic of older residents, and the overall reliance on cash within the community.

Banking hubs have emerged as a solution to the closure of traditional bank branches, offering essential banking services through partnerships with major banks and the Post Office. The Whitehill and Bordon banking hub will be established by Cash Access UK, a bank-owned infrastructure company, with the exact location to be determined in collaboration with EHDC and the Whitehill and Bordon regeneration company.

Overall, the selection of Whitehill and Bordon for a shared banking hub is a significant step towards bridging the gap in banking services and meeting the needs of the local community. With Damian’s ongoing support and collaboration with key stakeholders, the establishment of the banking hub is expected to progress swiftly, bringing essential financial services closer to residents and businesses in the area.