New Amazon AI chatbot will make shopping recommendations

Amazon can make recommendations for products based on what you’ve browsed before and your shopping history. But now it looks like Amazon is taking things further by introducing Rufus, a new AI powered chatbot that will be able to make suggestions and recommendations based on what you ask it..

It is no secret that Amazon is interested in AI, and Rufus is one of the company’s efforts. What makes Rufus different from how Amazon recommends products is that you can actually talk to the AI chatbot. This makes the interaction feel more dynamic and natural, kind of like if you were talking to a salesperson. It will also be able to surface more personalized recommendations as opposed to the slightly general ones.

Before you get too excited, Rufus is currently in beta. Not all users will be able to access it yet, but Amazon says that they will begin to progressively roll it out across the US in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how Amazon’s AI efforts fare. Amazon is just one of many tech companies who are hopping on the AI bandwagon.

Companies like Samsung and Google have already started to integrate AI features into its mobile products and services. Apple is also expected to eventually step into the ring. Recently, there have been rumors that Amazon could revamp Alexa with AI features to make it even smarter.