New AI Tools Released to Help Brands Improve Advertising Performance

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has launched new generative AI tools for advertisers to enhance creative diversity and improve campaign success. Additionally, Meta has expanded its Meta Verified subscription plan with tiered pricing options in various countries.

Although the focus of the recent announcements is on new AI tools for advertisers, Meta executives emphasized that they are already well into their AI journey and have been leveraging AI technologies for some time. The company’s investments in AI have already impacted personalized content choices across its platforms, with the majority of advertisers using AI in some capacity.

Meta’s new generative AI tools aim to help advertisers create multiple versions of ad creative, preventing creative fatigue and enabling customization for various user groups. These tools include full image generation, customizable text overlays, and text generation capabilities for ad headlines.

The company has already started rolling out these tools globally, with the goal of full availability by the end of the year. Advertisers utilizing these AI tools have reported significant improvements in performance metrics, highlighting the importance of continuous testing and iteration on ad creative.

In addition to the AI tools, Meta has expanded its Meta Verified subscription plan to more countries, offering brands the opportunity to enhance consumer trust with features like a verified badge, impersonation protection, and priority ranking in search results. The subscription plan now includes four tiers with varying benefits, catering to different business needs.

Overall, Meta’s new AI tools and expanded subscription plan underscore the company’s commitment to helping businesses drive stronger performance and build credibility on its platforms. The company continues to innovate and invest in AI technologies to support advertisers and improve user experiences.