New AI-powered video creation tool for work by Google

Google has introduced a new productivity app called Google Vids, which is a part of the Google Workspace suite of productivity tools. With a focus on video creation, the Gemini AI-powered tool aims to simplify the process of editing, creating, and writing videos.

One of the key features of Google Vids is its ability to generate a script and a short video using existing Google Docs or Slides. Users can then easily edit the video to make changes as needed, even without prior experience in video editing. This makes it a valuable tool for creating tutorials, sales-focused videos, or any other video content.

Google Vids serves as a bridge between traditional presentation tools like PowerPoint and Slides and the world of video content creation. By leveraging assets and data from Google Drive, users can add voiceovers, music, and AI-generated art to their videos, enhancing the overall quality and professionalism of the finished product.

Powered by Google’s Gemini AI, Google Vids can quickly create a rough video draft from a single prompt, write a script, and generate images tailored to the video content. The app offers a variety of video templates and styles, as well as a stock library of assets to choose from.

Like other Google Workspace apps, Google Vids allows for collaboration by enabling users to share videos, leave comments and notes, and make changes (depending on access levels). Additionally, users can export their creations as MP4 files for easy sharing. A beta version of Google Vids is expected to be released in the near future, offering even more features and capabilities for users looking to enhance their video creation process.