‘Moldovan businesses to receive €10 million funding from GapMinder investment’

Tech start-ups in Moldova are set to receive a boost in funding opportunities thanks to the GapMinder Fund II, backed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The EBRD recently announced a €10 million investment in the GapMinder Fund II, aimed at supporting the growth of the venture capital ecosystem and digitalization.

Managed by Romanian venture capital firm GapMinder, the fund offers promising prospects for tech entrepreneurs in Romania, as well as in countries like Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. The EBRD’s investment in GapMinder will help build a diverse portfolio and provide financial support to early-stage technology companies, enabling them to thrive and introduce new technologies and business models to EBRD markets. This investment is especially significant for tech entrepreneurs in Moldova, as the country’s capital markets are closely intertwined with those of Romania.

According to the EBRD, the lack of long-term risk financing and a limited venture capital ecosystem have been major obstacles for innovative early-stage companies in the regions where the EBRD operates. The new investment in GapMinder is expected to address these challenges and facilitate the development of tech start-ups in Moldova and other EBRD markets.

Overall, the EBRD’s investment in the GapMinder Fund II represents a significant opportunity for tech entrepreneurs in Moldova to access the funding they need to grow and drive innovation in the region.