‘Máximo Collaborates with Alfintech to Improve Digital Banking Services in Peru’

Alfintech, a financial solution provider and part of Alfin Banco and Grupo Coril, has forged a strategic partnership with Máximo, a prominent fintech in Peru catering to the youth demographic. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the digital banking experience for Máximo’s customers by combining Alfintech’s financial expertise with Máximo’s technological capabilities.

The increasing popularity of mobile applications and electronic wallets in Peru, now utilized by 45% of the population, has paved the way for innovative financial solutions. Through this partnership, Ahorro Max has been introduced as an interoperable savings account by Máximo, enabling users to effortlessly transfer money to and from all banks and financial institutions using Máximo’s wallet. This service can be accessed digitally in less than three minutes, eliminating the need for physical queues or complicated procedures, while being safeguarded and monitored by Alfin Banco.

Guillermo Nalvarte, Manager of Alfintech, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, foreseeing its potential to redefine digital banking in Peru. “This partnership underscores our dedication to offering cutting-edge and accessible financial solutions. We believe it will play a crucial role in reshaping the digital banking landscape in Peru,” he remarked.

Additionally, Isabel Palao, CEO of Máximo, stressed the strategic significance of the partnership. “We are thrilled to join forces with Alfin Banco to provide our customers with a more comprehensive banking experience. With the launch of Ahorro Max, we position ourselves as the first fully interoperable fintech in Peru. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to delivering technology-driven solutions that simplify financial management,” she highlighted.

Through Ahorro Max, Máximo and Alfin Banco, with the support of Alfintech, are spearheading a path towards a more inclusive and accessible financial future for all Peruvians. This initiative aims to improve the accessibility, utilization, and comprehension of financial products, ultimately fostering enhanced financial well-being.