MarCoPay: Fintech App for Seafarers’ Needs

MarCoPay, a fintech startup based in Tokyo, is making strides in expanding its financial services specifically tailored for Filipino seamen. The company is now offering QR-code payments and loans to cater to the unique needs of this group of individuals to ensure their lives at sea are more convenient and secure.

Toshiaki Fujioka, the president of MarCoPay, expressed the company’s commitment to being a one-stop financial platform for seafarers in the Philippines. He emphasized that MarCoPay values Filipino seamen in a way that local financial institutions are unable to.

By providing services such as QR-code payments and loans, MarCoPay is aiming to make the lives of Filipino seamen easier while they are away at sea. This initiative not only enhances convenience but also adds an extra layer of security to their financial transactions.

MarCoPay’s focus on addressing the specific needs of Filipino seamen sets it apart as a financial service provider that understands the challenges faced by this important group of individuals. With its expansion of services, MarCoPay is proving to be a reliable partner for Filipino seafarers looking for efficient and secure financial solutions.