‘Maple Finance Introduces Syrup Protocol with Token Announcement Coming’

Maple Finance has unveiled a new protocol called Syrup, aiming to bring institutional yield and rewards to the DeFi ecosystem. The protocol is designed to offer a 15% yield in USDC, attracting investors and traders in the crypto market.

The launch of Syrup has garnered attention, with Maple Finance introducing the protocol for MPL token holders. Despite a bearish market, the MPL token stood at .88, indicating a slight decline in intraday trading.

Syrup combines Maple’s lending infrastructure with the flexibility of DeFi, allowing users access to secure institutional lending. The introduction of the SYRUP token will govern the Maple ecosystem and encourage community growth. MPL token holders can swap their tokens for SYRUP tokens at a 1:1 ratio, offering long-term interest and participation benefits.

To earn early yield, users can deposit USDC into Syrup to receive syrupUSDC LP tokens. The platform ensures that all generated yield is securely collateralized with digital assets. Early adopters will be rewarded through ‘Drips’ that convert user engagement into tangible rewards, with a target of 15% yields in USDC.

Maple Finance will host a webinar on June 4th to provide further details on Syrup. The platform has already received over 2,000 sign-ups, with individuals receiving early access codes able to deposit USDC and start earning drips from day 1.

Maple Finance operates on both the Ethereum and Solana networks, with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of .48 million. The platform’s TVL spiked by 1,600% in a week in February, showcasing its growth and popularity in the DeFi space.据报道,该平台的 TVL 为 4348 万美元,以太坊区块链上的 TVL 为 4336 万美元,Solana 上为 121,322 美元(根据 DefiLlama)。