‘Madayn and Sadad Gateway collaborate to offer electronic payment services for investors’

Madayn Signs Agreement with Sadad Electronic Payment Gateway

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates, known as Madayn, recently signed a significant agreement with Sadad Electronic Payment Gateway during the Comex Global Technology Show 2024. The aim of this partnership is to introduce electronic payment services for investors and business owners, making transactions within the Sultanate more secure and efficient.

Through this collaboration, investors and business owners will have access to Sadad Gateway’s comprehensive payment platform, facilitating seamless transactions. As part of the agreement, self-service payment machines will be installed at Masar Service Centres located in various industrial cities under Madayn’s supervision. These services, which include payment kiosks and mobile applications, will offer users convenient and secure payment options, ultimately enhancing their experience with Madayn’s services.

The agreement, signed by Khalid bin Sulaiman Al Salehi from Madayn and Eng. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Hosni, CEO of Sadad Gateway, aims to increase efficiency and productivity by implementing self-service payment machines. This will streamline payment processes and reduce the need for investors and employees to physically leave their premises for transactions. Furthermore, the agreement will support digital transformation by promoting advanced technologies and electronic payment systems, aligning with global trends and improving customer satisfaction through smoother payment methods.

In addition, the agreement includes provisions for training national cadres in the maintenance of electronic payment machines, money collection, and FinTech software. It also offers maintenance opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), further contributing to the growth and development of the digital economy in the Sultanate.