Localyze launches tech integrations to help HR teams save resources on staff relocations, offsites and workations

Demand for flexible
working, workations and business trips is at an all-time high, while
businesses in every industry are facing significant competition for
international talent. 

Working to meet this demand, HR teams are
faced with overwhelming amounts of admin, stretched resources, and high
costs. As the work continues to grow, so does the number of software
applications to manage it all. From a compliance perspective, using too many
disconnected tools creates a heightened risk of companies unintentionally
mishandling sensitive information and breaching local labour, tax, and
immigration laws. 

Pushing for more seamless and error-free
workflows for HR teams, Localyze, a Global Mobility platform for companies
and their employees, has partnered with technology platform StackOne to launch new
integrations between its software and enterprise Human Resource Management
System (HRIS) tools Workday, Personio, Bamboo, HiBob and
SAP. These integrations will enable HR teams to handle employee requests for
international work, relocations and visa sponsorship more efficiently, with
less room for error when transferring or managing sensitive data. Both
companies have started work on connecting with even more tools in the near future,
such as the workforce management system Rippling. 

Romain Sestier, Co-founder &
CEO at StackOne, said: “At StackOne, we are thrilled to partner
with Localyze’s Global Mobility platform. We’re able to not only
support their mission to break down borders for companies and their talent –
but also do it safely, without compromising data privacy, integrity and
security, and without the latency commonly found in other integration

StackOne’s integration
platform provides B2B SaaS vendors with a single unified API to add
enterprise-grade B2B integrations to their products that are privacy-first. The
solution enables Localyze’s platform to connect with established HRIS
tools, powering a seamless workflow for every stakeholder.
The StackOne unified API simplifies the integration process by
providing a real-time interface for interacting with multiple platforms while
protecting sensitive employee data. 

Anthony Petane, Director of
Product at Localyze, added: “Many companies are building new Global
Mobility policies to balance out return-to-office mandates. For long-term
success, processes that involve sensitive employee information can’t be based
on shaky foundations – the more HR teams rely on disconnected tools, the harder
it will be to adapt to changing compliance obligations or support new

native integrations, we can enable big business moves, rather than limit them.
And we can also provide high-quality experiences for employees, reducing
distractions, improving NPS scores and raising employee engagement.”