Liquidware Continues to Define the DEX Landscape: A Year of Pioneering Achievements in 2023

Liquidware, a recognized
authority in Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solutions for digital
workspaces, announced a year of exceptional growth and continued
innovation. The company celebrates a 74% increase in Annual Recurring Revenue
(ARR) and an 80% growth in enterprise adoption of its FlexApp technology. 

offers the most comprehensive DEX coverage compared to other vendors. The
company’s innovative solutions manage DEX using ProfileUnity, deliver it
through FlexApp’s dynamic applications, monitor it with Stratusphere UX, and
control it using CommandCTRL. 

forecasts that the DEX tool market will reach $476.8 million by the end of 2023
and grow at a compound annual rate of 17.3% through 2027, based on constant

we reflect on the strides made in 2023, it’s evident that this was a year of
remarkable growth and significant achievements for Liquidware in key areas of
EUC (End User Computing),” said Chris Akerberg, President and COO of

2023 was
marked by several key achievements for Liquidware: 

  • Launch of ‘CommandCTRL’: Liquidware introduced this cutting-edge SaaS product, enhancing its DEX solutions with real-time remediation and integrated AI. Featuring a 7-day DVR playback for DEX analysis, CommandCTRL garnered attention and accolades, winning the VMware Explore Finalist award and being recognized as a Redmond Magazine Product of the Year. 
  • Launch and Expansion of the ‘Liquidware Ready’ Program: Enhancing the confidence of partners and customers in choosing digital employee experience solutions compatible with Liquidware’s technologies. Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and Dizzion FRAME were designated strategic platform partners while Application Readiness, IGEL, Nerdio, Stratodesk, Rimo3, and 10ZiG were awarded Liquidware Ready Verified status.  
  • Advancements in FlexApp One: The release of ProfileUnity with FlexApp version 6.8.6, brought about significant offline capabilities with FlexApp One, OAuth support, and performance enhancements, enhancing application portability and deployment across diverse Windows workspaces. 
  • Strategic Growth through Partnerships: Broadening the impact and reach of Liquidware’s FlexApp One technology in the digital workspace management sector, several third parties announced or neared integration. Broad and growing Stratusphere UX support for ServiceNow and thin clients continued to assert Stratusphere UX as a leader in DEX monitoring and optimization.  

Whiteside, President and CEO of XenTegra, a Liquidware partner, commented
saying, “In a dynamic market shaped by significant shifts, Liquidware shines.
Their solutions cover the four critical phases of Digital Employee Experience,
making them adaptable to customer needs during times of transformation.
Liquidware continues to empower enterprises to excel in today’s dynamic digital
workspaces, and we’re excited about the journey ahead. Their success and
mission continue to align with XenTegra’s commitment to empowering enterprises
in the digital workspace.” 

continued, “In a landscape where many focus on singular aspects of DEX,
Liquidware stands apart. We offer a holistic approach, delivering comprehensive
solutions that encompass all critical components of DEX – from delivery and
management to monitoring and control. Our commitment to these four pillars
empowers modern enterprises to thrive in today’s dynamic digital workspace